Services And Rates

This is your one stop beauty shop!  You can get your eyelash extensions and other great services,  so you can be ready for your weekend. No need for makeup anymore. Eyelash extensions will save you time and you wake up looking fresh! We take pride in the greatest products and individually attach a lash to your own lashes. It will last for 2-3 weeks depending on post care. Once the service is done, there is no downtime. You leave here glowing and beautiful. You can enjoy the rest of your day looking beautiful and fresh. 

Our airbrush spray tanning leaves you glowing, sun kissed and smelling wonderful.  Unlike other spray tans that have a bad smell. We only use the finest products that won't leave you smelling like you walked out a spray tan shop. Smell refreshing and looking bronzed. Oh yeah and we don't like the color orange!

Whatever you wax, you'll have the best experience with us. Whether it's your brows or legs, full body or that hard-to-reach hair, we'll remove it with ease so you'll be soft and hairless. We guarantee it. 

Airbrush Tanning$60 / 30 minutes
Fluffy and Full $230 / 120 minutes
Hybrid Lash Fill$120 / 120 minutes
Hybrid Lash Set$180 / 120 minutes
Natural Classic Fill$80 / 90 minutes
Natural Classic Set $150 / 120 minutes